What is EGA Associates? 

EGA Associates, LLC stands as a testament to the vision of its Veteran founder, a driving force behind our commitment to delivering top-tier staff augmentation and consulting services. Focused on Professional and Healthcare Staffing, as well as human capital management solutions, our reach extends to government and commercial clients nationwide.

Our core objective revolves around enhancing healthcare quality through meticulous recruitment, strategic placements, and adept management of medical professionals. By fostering collaborative environments, we design tailored solutions that effectively address the unique challenges faced by our clients while maintaining strict compliance with The Joint Commission Standards.

In the pursuit of innovation, our team seamlessly integrates cutting-edge concepts, technologies, and diverse perspectives. This approach optimizes business processes, streamlining efficiency, and nurturing open lines of communication through agile systems. Our commitment to data security and reliability is underlined by our prestigious CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification) NIST800-171 (National Institute of Standards and Technology) certification.

Mission of EGA:

Our mission revolves around adopting a provider-centered approach to staffing, aspiring to be the preferred human resource partner for both our valued clients and dedicated staff. Transparent communication, unwavering service, and operational clarity are the pillars of our partnerships.

EGA's Vision:

We envision establishing new benchmarks for quality, compassion, and excellence through servant leadership. Our commitment extends beyond the boundaries of our organization, encompassing clients, consumers, partners, and our own team members, driving us to uphold industry standards while adapting to evolving needs.

Backed by an unwavering dedication to exceptional service and unwavering clinical support, our team stands poised to fulfill our role as a comprehensive partner in medical staff augmentation and consulting. At EGA Associates, our experience, expertise, and unshakable passion converge to redefine healthcare through innovation, empathy, and collaborative solutions.