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Unlock New Opportunities in Healthcare: Join a firm founded with the Veteran spirit! 


Are you a clinical provider seeking exciting career prospects in the healthcare industry? Look no further! At EGA Associates, we are more than just a healthcare staffing company – we are founded and driven
by the Veteran spirit and understand the value of dedication, integrity, and excellence.  
Harnessing our disciplined mindset and unwavering commitment acquired during military service, we have created a platform that empowers clinical providers like you to embark on a rewarding journey. We believe
in connecting talented healthcare professionals with opportunities that not only ignite their passion but also honor their joy of healing and caring for those in need. 
Why choose EGA? Here's what sets us apart:

Veteran Powered: As a Veteran-founded company, we have firsthand knowledge of the unique skills, resilience, and leadership qualities possessed by Veterans. We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment that celebrates and utilizes these invaluable attributes, providing you with a supportive community of goal-minded individuals.  
Unleash Your Potential: We believe in unlocking your full potential by matching you with opportunities that align with your skills, expertise, and personal aspirations. Whether you seek flexibility, adventure, career advancement, or a chance to make a difference in underserved communities, we have the resources and connections to help you achieve your goals.  
Quality Matters: As a Joint Commission certified firm, we uphold the highest standards when it comes to the quality of healthcare providers we represent. Through a meticulous screening and vetting process, we ensure that our clinical providers are not only highly qualified but also embody the core values of compassion, empathy, and professionalism.  
Comprehensive Support: Joining EGA means gaining access to a comprehensive support system designed to enhance your professional growth and well-being. From ongoing training and mentorship opportunities to competitive compensation packages and benefits, we prioritize your success and overall satisfaction.  
Diverse Opportunities: Whether you're seeking locum tenens, permanent, per diem, or travel assignments, our vast network of healthcare partners provides a multitude of opportunities nationwide. Explore diverse settings, specialties, and patient populations while enjoying the flexibility to tailor your career to suit your lifestyle.  
Join our mission-driven team and be a part of something bigger. Your dedication, skills, and background are highly valued and appreciated in our endeavor to enhance healthcare delivery and improve patient outcomes.   
Ready to embark on a new chapter in your clinical career? Take the leap with EGA and discover the remarkable possibilities that await. Contact us today to unlock the next extraordinary phase of your professional journey.  

Our Process

It begins with a conversation. When you decide to move forward, here’s what to expect:

Stage 1.

Introductory Call

We'll schedule an introductory call so we can get to know you better and align your goals with ours.


Stage 2.

Application & Preparation

We'll submit your application and help you prepare for onboarding and credentialing.


Stage 3.

Onboarding & Credentialing

The duration of this process can range from a few days to a maximum of 45 days, depending on the position.


Stage 4.


We finalize onboarding and prepare you for your exciting new position.


Stage 5.

Welcome Aboard!



We offer an unbeatable benefits package to qualified employees! From comprehensive health coverage to career development opportunities, we’re dedicated to supporting you every step of the way.


Health, vision, and dental coverage


401k with immediate effect


Credentialing support and long-term contracts


Sign-on bonus


Paid sick leave


Paid vacation

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically 30-45 days for licensed independent providers (LIP) but we have been able to onboard in 7-10 days, which is in line with non-licensed independent providers.
In most cases with the federal government, you are able to work in any federal facility as long as you have a valid license in any state.
EGA is here to support the Veterans – if you love the job, our team will work to onboard you with the client and support your transition.
The VA credentialing system that is used to verify/validate credentials for all licensed independent providers (LIP).
In some cases, we can work to have the fingerprints transferred but the majority of the time it is easier to go into the local VA and obtain new prints to start the background investigation (BI) and not cause any delays with interagency transfers.

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